On October 27, Humanetics hosted the Trinity Christian Academy Class of 2016 Engineering students. Jack Wehrle, John Fersch, Kevin Duong and Shane Thornton lead the students through our Carrollton facility.

Trinity Christian Academy Engineering Students

Seventeen students attended for the half day session. It covered planning, engineering, costs, revision and then execution, all the way through to shipping.

The Process of Precision


The students were divided into two groups. While one toured the factory floor, the other received an office presentation in the boardroom. The office presentation was given by John Fersch and Kevin Duong. It covered a real life example of submission of bid, award of work, working CAD, revision of it to save client costs and transfer of the project into CAM.


At the same time, another group was led by Shane Thornton and Jack Wehrle through each step of the Humanetics Precision Manufacturing Process.


From flat sheets of steel, to palletized sealed product ready to ship, the students experienced each work station and witnessed our experts create precision metal parts in real time. At the midpoint of their scheduled tour, the groups switched.P1240229

Out of the Box

Humanetics and Trinity Christian’s Engineering Professor Lisa Wong made it a point to expand the dimensions of engineering into the business process that makes manufacturing profitable. Combining the fulfillment of an order from sales, through the engineering process using CAD/CAM tools of today and then sending the creation into the factory to witness the myriad of steps to final product,  it created a full circle educational experience. We were honored to help these future engineers.

As a memento of gratitude  Luis Zeledon created a laser cut Trinity Christian Academy logo key ring out of stainless steel. They were given to each student. The roman numerals 16 signified their class year.


These future Engineers impressed us with their keen interest, great questions and attention. We wish them all of the best in achieving their career goals. We look forward to serving them with precision metal parts after they land their first engineering job! You just never know.